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Sales, Service and Innovation. Technical consultations via phone, at your home or office, as well as drop-off service at our computer lab.

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We take the stress out of technology planning. This is a new generation of techies, with experience and a visionary look at the future of business.

— Amy Patt

What do we mean by Innovation?

Technology is changing in the blink of an eye. We are on the cusp of yet another next generation of data management, security, financial transactions, and innovation. Are you ready?

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The Olde Computer Guy’s Daughter


While computer stations may look the same, what’s behind the technology is where innovation really begins. The Olde Computer Guy’s Daughter can take you there. Keep up with technology and changes in the industry with Amy’s take on Women in Tech and much more.

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Our Practice

My father has been the Olde Computer Guy for over 50 years. Now we are combining efforts and forging new ground by assisting companies in innovative ways to accept change management. Whether it’s through a new desktop or a new service, our combined experience gives you peace of mind.


What is Olde is new again

Growing up in a household with The Olde Computer Guy meant we always had the latest technology to preview. I was building computers in between learning how to ride a bike. There were no gender limits in technology. If you could fix it, you fixed it.